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Protective Packaging Wolverhampton

Our comprehensive waste management services operate across Wolverhampton, helping our clients to achieve the best possible solutions at exceptionally cost-effective rates.

We design, produce and provide a wide range of cushioning or protective packaging materials.

Cushioning refers to a soft or resilient material used to fill, give contour, protect or add relaxation to add relaxation to jam-packed product.

We develop advanced products for the industrial and consumer markets. Our various foam goods for example increased foams, co-polymers plastics or moulded pulp are mostly incorporated with other substances like plastics, corrugated, wood, plastics to ensure the perfect product protection during transportation, warehousing and managing.

There’s been a rise in demand of prepared meals and ingredients, that must satisfy the highest security standards. Thus, we are constantly adapting our packaging to these brand new trends towards advantage and on the go products.

The packaged food sector has found a major trend towards retail ready packaging. This allows a protective transit pack to be easily converted into an alluring display case.
Established brand owners in addition to growing entrepreneurial companies desire their secondary packaging to reflect the same high standards as their primary packaging.
Our expertise in the plan of packaging for the food processing sector enables us to supply 100% cardboard or composite solutions. We can do this in any size for the packaging of your volume or liquid products.

Transport Packaging
Waste of Space offers a variety of packaging appropriate for transfer and handling of almost any consumer article.

Retail and Shelf Ready Packaging

The trend towards ledge and retail ready packaging has created an entirely new science of packaging.

More about Retail & Shelf Ready Packaging Mass Packaging

At Waste of Space, we specialise in the creation of heavy duty volume packaging for a wide selection of sectors.

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