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There’s a window of opportunity for printers and publishers prepared to devote to a more powerful (and rewarding) environmental stance.

Print, promotion and graphics communications plays a significant part in the economy. Most greatly servicing the advertising, education, amusement and data sectors, it’s the UK’s fourth largest manufacturing industry by employee turnover, generating 14.1 billion.

Efficiency increases are the print sector’s number one priority. Rising energy and labour prices are spurring investment in new technology and equipment to help realise this aim. Exploring waste management and recycling initiatives may also contribute to meeting these productivity related company objects.

The sustainability issue

The print sector has long fought with the sustainability issue. Cloudy duties and confusing market messages have made it hard for operators to sensibly rise to the environmental challenge.
Understandably, sector attempts have been resolutely focused on improving productivity and margins. And in regards to cutting prices to the company, recycling and waste management initiatives aren’t obvious factors.

The sector needs additional support to understand the broader consequences of using effective sustainability initiatives. It needs to be clear on conformity directives and clearer still on the potential business advantages of taking a more dedicated environmental stance.

The sustainability opportunity

Handling the sustainability issue is indeed a challenge but for forward thinking firms, it’s as much a market opportunity.

Clients are demanding evidence of environmental policy. European legislation is growing ever more rigorous. And printers that put off the inevitable could be wasting valuable time and cash.
The sector needs an approach that clearly shows environmental devotion in a commercially feasible way.
It needs hard, clear cut facts that can illustrate to customers, consumers or investors the environmental benefits of utilizing paper-based products. And much-needed support from third parties with the whole Supply Cycle know how to help them satisfy legal requirements and, additionally, turn the sustainability challenge into a money-making venture.

Successful recycling and waste management could shortly be a prerequisite for the print sector. Are you really prepared to climb to the sustainability challenge?
Reconsidering your Supply Cycle could improve your environmental standing at exactly the same time as bringing significant cost advantages.
At Space of Waste we believe in the ability of less. That means helping you to attain more by using less.

We’re perpetually committed to closing the loop by turning 100% of resources into something useful once more. Only like we have done for many of the UK’s best known print and publishing firms.
Could we do the same for you?

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