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Cardboard recycling Wolverhampton

FEL Containers for cardboard

Essential Points

Lidded/ locking alternatives available.
Bonded Collection – when you want it.
Local waste management’s Front End Load containers are well suited for big amounts of compactable waste including paper, cardboard and plastics.

These containers may be ordered on a service contract with an established agenda for emptying. Complete waste documentation is provided.

Mobile Compactors

Mobile Compactors for waste management in almost any functioning environment.
Mobile Compactors are an extremely efficient alternative to using dumpsters for general waste. With compaction ratios of around 5:1 a Mobile Compactor can hold considerably more waste than a conventional dumpster, meaning many fewer sets for the waste to be disposed of.

After complete (suggested by a total or three quarters-full warning light) the Portable Compactor is just rolled up, taken away to be emptied, and returned to site.

Mobile Compactors were traditionally used for general waste that is sent to landfill. Now they’re increasingly used for recyclable materials including plastics and cardboard. Many recyclers will take compacted cardboard as easily as baled card.

Mobile Compactors may be provided in either chain-lift or roll on/roll off (dumpster lift) formats, to satisfy your transportation demands and with incorporated or outside bin lifts.

Essential characteristics of the Avermann Mobile Compactor
*Simple to work & transport
*Simple load
*Minimal growth of compacted material
*Low sound functioning
*Low care thanks to grime/water resistant coating
We provide the entire range of Avermann Mobile Compactors and the 10P is among our most famous chain-lift (dumpster face lift) machines, with a capacity of 10 cubic metres.

Avermann Mobile Chain Lift Compactors Specialized Data — click here
In addition, we provide the bigger roll on / roll off (hook lift) mobile compactors, for instance, most popular 20P

Avermann 10P Mobile Compactor
With a charge-box size of 1 cubic metre as well as a cycle time of 43 seconds, it’s fast and suitable to use.

Avermann 20P Mobile Compactor
This roll on / roll off (hook lift) Mobile Compactor from Avermann has a tremendous 20 cubic metre capacity using a charge carton size of 1.3 cubic metres.

The APB compactors are exceptionally efficient in compacting paper, cardboard packaging, plastics and other dry substances, including garbage.

Stands & Stand Totes
With recycling stands, it’s easier to sort your waste into various kinds – you may make use of another stand for plastic wrap and packaging waste, leaving your cardboard free of contaminates and prepared for recycling.

It is also possible to use stands to maintain your workplace clear of rubbish – only place stands at crucial points in your generation region to keep everything tidy. After complete the bags can simply be removed and taken to your baler or compactor.

You can purchase online via our website for delivery anywhere within mainland UK, or in case you have some questions contact us today to find out more. We provide same day despatch for all orders placed before 1pm.

The following day delivery fee is 30.00.

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